Developing Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults Who Are Jobless and Out-of-School *Data Committe

Data Committee

The Data Committee will review current and develop new data regarding out of school and jobless youth and young adults. The University of Illinois at Chicago's Great Cities Institute is developing a new report examining data for Illinois and key areas in the state.

Data Committee Members:

  • Co-Chair - Jack Wuest, Alternative Schools Network
  • (Need another Co-Chair)
  • Caitlyn Barnes, Illinois Community College Board (ICCB)
  • Quiwana Bell, Westside Health Authority
  • Reyahd D.J. Kazmi, National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP)
  • Gretchen Lohman, Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)
  • Kenneth Martin-Ocasio, Aunt Martha's Health & Wellness
  • Molly Uhe-Edmonds, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)