Advisory Council Committees

The Council has seven subcommittees: The Governor's Opioid Overdose Prevention and Recovery  Steering Committee, Opioid Social Equity (OSE) Committee, Medication Assisted Recovery (MAR), Prescribing Practices, Public Awareness & Education, Criminal Justice Populations, and Children & Families. Each committee is tasked with developing initial goals and potential metrics related to their specific topic area that could be included in the comprehensive strategic plan.


Steering Committee

The Governor's Opioid Overdose Prevention and Recovery Steering Committee (Steering Committee) guides the work of the Illinois Opioid Crisis Response Advisory Council (Council), serving as the liaison between Council stakeholders and the Governor's Office and overseeing the ongoing implementation of the State of Illinois Opioid Action Plan.

Opioid Steering Commitee Agenda 12.16 2020 (pdf)

Opioid Steering Commitee Minutes 10.14.2020 (pdf)

Opioid Steering Committee Agenda 10.14.2020 (pdf)

Opioid Steering Committee Minutes 9.17.2020 (pdf)

Opioid Steering Committee Agenda 9.17.2020 (pdf)

Opioid Steering Committee Minutes 5.26.2020 (pdf)

Steering Committee Agenda 5.26.2020 (pdf)

Opioid Social Equity (OSE) Committee

OSE Committee Minutes 6.24.2020 (pdf)

OSE Committee Minutes 5.4.2020 (pdf)

Social Equity Definition June 2020 (pdf)

Social Equity Committee February 2020 Council Presentation (pdf)

Medication Assisted Recovery (MAR)

MAR Committee Minutes (pdf)

MAR Committee Minutes 4.21.20 (pdf)

MAR Toolkit Implementation Subcommittee Minutes 4.26.19 (pdf)

MAR Toolkit Pre Opening Doors Subcommittee Minutes 4.11.19 (pdf)

MAR Toolkit Pre-Opening Doors Subcommittee Minutes 2.28.19 (pdf)

MAR Toolkit Implementation Subcommittee Minutes 2.20.19 (pdf)

MAR Toolkit Implementation Subcommittee Minutes 1.17.19 (pdf)

MAR Committee Minutes 10.18.18 (pdf)

MAR Committee Minutes 5.21.18 (pdf)

MAR Committee Minutes 9.28.17 (pdf)

MAR Committee Minutes 4.14.17

MAR Committee Minutes 3.23.17 (pdf)

MAR Committee Minutes 3.2.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices

Prescribing Practices Minutes 11.02.18 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices Minutes 6.26.18 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices Minutes 5.18.18 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices Minutes 11.2.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices Minutes 9.25.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices Minutes 4.19.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices Minutes 3.21.17 (pdf)

Prescribing Practices Minutes 3.3.17 (pdf)

Public Awareness & Education

Public Awareness and Education Minutes 6.25.20 (pdf)

Public Awareness Education Minutes 4.15.20 (pdf)

Public Awareness And Education Minutes 01.19.19 (pdf)

Public Awareness And Education Minutes 10 17 2018 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education Minutes 5.16.18 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education Minutes 11.6.2017

Public Awareness and Education Minutes 10.6.17 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education Minutes 4.25.17

Public Awareness and Education Minutes 3.24.17 (pdf)

Public Awareness and Education Minutes 2.23.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations

Criminal Justice Populations Minutes 11.13.2018 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations  Minutes 11.6.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations Minutes 10.3.17

Criminal Justice Populations Report 4.27.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations Minutes 4.18.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations Minutes 3.22.17 (pdf)

Criminal Justice Populations Minutes 3.7.17 (pdf)

Children & Families

Children Families Committee Minutes 5.28.20 (pdf)

Children Families Minutes 6.18.19 (pdf)

Children Families Minutes 2.21.19 (pdf)

Children Families Minutes 11.29.18 (pdf)

Children Families Minutes 5.21.18 (pdf)

Children Families Minutes 12.15.17 (pdf)

Children Families Minutes 11.7.17 (pdf)

Children Families Minutes 10.10.17 (pdf)

Inter- Committee Goals & Recommendations

Committee Recommendations List 9.11.18 (pdf)

Committee Slides January 12 2018 (pdf)

Committee Recommendations Goals and Metrics January 12 2018 (pdf)

Committee Preliminary Recommendations 10.16.17 (pdf)

Committees Updates 3.27.17 (pdf)

Committees Preliminary Goals 3.8.17 (pdf)