IDHS Division of Developmental Disabilities Quality Scorecard

Welcome to the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Quality Scorecard landing page! On this page, you can find links to the Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) and State-Operated Developmental Center (SODC) Quality Scorecards.

What is the Quality Scorecard?

The Quality Scorecard increases transparency and promotes accountability by sharing important information about the provision of services in CILA and SODC residential settings across Illinois. On the CILA Scorecard, for the first time, families and the general public have a view of where services are delivered, by whom, and how those providers are performing in key areas. On the SODC Scorecard, IDHS provides information about SODCs beyond what we have historically shared in our SODC Profiles and Tier Reports.

The Scorecard is meant to acquaint families and the general public about where and by whom services are provided, but it is not meant to be the sole source of information upon which families make the important decision about where to receive services. For that decision, we encourage families to work with the appropriate Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agency.

Accessing the CILA and SODC Quality Scorecards

The CILA Quality Scorecard and SODC Quality Scorecard are housed on two different pages. To access the CILA or SODC Quality Scorecard (and their respective User's Guides), please use the links below.

Note that from the CILA or SODC Scorecard pages, you can access a screenreader-accessible version of the information.

User's Guides for the Quality Scorecard

The User's Guides contain information about how to navigate the CILA and SODC Quality Scorecards, as well as definitions of important terms and benchmarks for certain measures. The User's Guide content is contained on the CILA Quality Scorecard and SODC Quality Scorecard pages, linked above.

Other Helpful Links

While the CILA and SODC Quality Scorecards should provide you with a foundation of useful knowledge about CILAs and SODCs across Illinois, there is other information on the DDD website you may find helpful as well.

  • Provider Administrative Action List: DDD may take administrative action when a provider is not in compliance in one or more programs. The Administrative Action List provides information on administrative actions taken by DDD and is offered to assist consumers in making informed choices of providers. The information is updated regularly. Many issues have been resolved. Please remember that this information is only one tool. You are encouraged to use information from other sources in decision-making.