Long Term Care Request for Information (RFI)

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) would like to thank your organization in advance for reviewing this Request for Information (RFI) and assisting the State of Illinois (State in this effort.

The purpose of this RFI is for the IDHS to ascertain from companies that provide aggregated, trusted 3rd party data about the financial assets of Medicaid applicants for Long Term Care (LTC) to increase efficiency of the eligibility determination process. IDHS wishes to be able to contact companies for information on the viability of the solution and pilot the use of this information for potential use state wide.

Our objective is to encourage Illinois Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF's) submit better applications such that IDHS approval operations are done more quickly and more accurately. Information needed includes income, assets and banking transactions of individuals. Sources of information can include LexisNexis, TransUnion, the IRS and banks. The solution must be able to ensure the validity of this information and/or provide the means for direct verification. Furthermore it would be helpful to provide a risk assessment of the application approval to be able to differentiate cases and speed those with fewer issues.

Responses to this RFI shall include the following:

  1. Contact information for your organization (i.e., name, address, contact person, phone number and email).
  2. Specific details regarding the solution to provide aggregated, trusted 3rd party data to IDHS
  3. SNF's that have the capability and interest in using your aggregated 3rd party solution
  4. System or process requirements by IDHS to use your solution
  5. Suggested next steps in working with IDHS
  6. Any specific questions regarding the subject matter of the RFI.*
  7. One (1) bound paper copy of your Response, one (1) electronic copy (suitable for emailing) on CD or USB device (flash drive).

The information you provide may be updated at your discretion at any time. IDHS encourages Vendors responding to this RFI to keep their information current and up-to-date in order that IDHS has the most accurate information as to the availability of staffing options.

Additional information regarding staffing options your company can provide may be submitted in response to this RFI.

Please send all responses and direct all questions regarding the Request for Information to:

William Strahle