Individualized Plan for Placement (IPP)

General Identifying Information

The section should cover basic identifying information of the customer/guardian, the DRS referring counselor and the CRP case manager. Additional information that is useful includes; current documentation from DRS that is required for services (referral, NOTSA and IPE and dates for these), reason for the IPP ( ie. initial IPP, annual review or change in services). A best practice is to also include who participated in the meeting and how they participated. The preferred method of meeting is face to face.

Informed Choice Vocational Goal

The vocational goal should be the specific type of employment that the customer has chosen, not simply wanting to work. This section should have a date of goal attainment. A best practice would be to discuss that counseling and guidance was provided which helped the customer identify their chosen vocational goal.

Services to be Provided

This lists the specific services that will be provided to the customer to help them achieve their employment outcome. Best practice would be for the CRP to have a drop down of the available services or have them visible on the plan with which to check and then provide context around. This allows the customer an, and as appropriate, the guardian to be able to see the services available under the specific contract.

This IPP shall include:

  1. what services the customer will receive in order to achieve their employment outcome and  stated within the contract; 
  2. who will provide these services; 
  3. the start date; 
  4. the end dates and; 
  5. how the CRP's will identify if the goals are being achieved.

Required Supports to Help Ensure Stability

this should cover information that supports how the CRP, customer and DRS counselor will communicate to ensure that employment can be achieved and maintained. Responses here should align with language that is required in the contract for services such as staffing and paperwork.

  • Documentation
  • Customer staffing
  • Ongoing communication
  • Natural Supports

Earnings and Hours Expected by the Customer

this should be based on information that has been provided by the customer through assessments and any additional information shared between the DRS counselor, CRP staff and the customer, and as appropriate the customer's guardian.

Customer/Guardian Comments

customer and guardian should always have the ability to make any comments regarding their IPP on the IPP. This is the section to do so. Information should be added to the original document and provided to the customer/guardian when signing.

Due Dates and Plan Agreement

This helps the customer and guardian to know the times and dates that everything will be reviewed on at the latest. It also lets the customer and guardian know that they can reach out to the staff to discuss any items on the IPP. Signature and date lines should also be included.