IMPAC Minutes - November 2, 2017

Illinois Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council


November 2, 2017

Attendees in Chicago:

John Shustizky, Andrea Cooke, Ray Connor, Joanne Furnas (covering for Lynn O'Shea), Fred

Friedman, Anne Irving, Irwin Kerzner, Ron Melka Matt Perry (guest)

Attendees in Springfield: Lee Ann Reinert, AJ French, Brock Dunlop

Attendees by Telephone: Mary Ann Abate, Lisa Betz, Georgianne Broughton, Cindy

Daxenbichler, Cara Emrich, Sondra Frazier, Dennis Hopkins, Diana Knaebe, Emily Miller,

Margo Roethlisberger, Dan Silbert, Amy Starin, Jean Summerfield

Call to Order:

The Meeting was called to order by Andrea Cooke & John Shustitzky at 12:08 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

Ron Melka moved to approve with the September 14th Minutes as presented, seconded by Ray

Connor, Motion Passed.

Division of Mental Health Report

Brock Dunlap, first time attendee from DMH, gave budget and reimbursement summary:

Hospitals - $224 million; CMHC - $336.9 million; Central Office - $8.5 million.

(Brock): MCO Funding: DMH historically paid out of their budget, line item is now reduced

because dollars were added to HFS. Funding is now moved to HFS budget.

(Brock): GATA: Illinois moving to Grant Transparency. FY'18 will begin quarterly reporting.

FY'18 will have "growing pains".

(AJ): Asked about services by MCOs: DMH does not have direct access to MCOs.

( Brock): Believes services have been consistent.

(Lee Ann): It took a while for MCO's to pay.

(Fred): Requested clarification of Medicaid funding.

(Brock): There used to be funding for non-Medicaid, no longer exists. Non-funded clients

decreased with ACA.

(Fred): Did other services besides Colbert & Williams decrease?

(Brock): There is funding in the budget for Colbert & Williams.

(Anne): Questions about current budget talks - 1) Psychiatric and 2) Medication. What has been


(Brock): Did not attend legislative hearings. Believes there were no cuts to providers.

(Anne): In FY'18, is funding added? Is there money in the budget that will not be spent? What

grants are getting cut or a 5% decrease?

(Diana K.): Providers may be cut in DASA and DD. Signed contracts will not be cut.

(Sondra): Have dollars been taken from other areas to support consent decrees? Will other

services be cut?

(Brock): No - many services have been increased even for those not a part of the consent


(John): Requested update on stipends for travel for those with lived experiences to attend


(Brock): NAMI used track and issued checks. Brock suggested someone from IMHPAC track -

possibly Treasurer

(John): IMHPAC does not have a Treasurer. Can DMH provide a name who would also be

suitable to be an IMHPAC member?

(Brock): There would be issues processing payments by the State. Brock has an entity in mind.

This entity could have this as part of their contract.

(John): Welcomes this to be available as quickly and efficiently as possible.

(Brock): Hopes to have news by IMHPAC's next meeting in January.

(AJ): Thanks Brock, Lee Ann and Diana for their information.

(Fred): Requested clarification on stipends. Will it be retroactive?

(Brock): His hope is to begin funding from this meeting forward. It may be possible for previous


(Andrea): There is a stipend for participation (phone and in person). Travel for those attending in


(Brenda-DMH): Provided an update on Williams Consent Decree There is not currently a court

monitor. 400 is the target: achieved 382 FY'1; 2,065 transitioned as of 10/31/17. FY'18 Target

is 400 people transitioned. Since inception, there has been 54 deaths. There is always a review

of deaths. There is funding in FY"28 to expand Supervised Housing, ACT & CST. Clinical case

review process implemented a new system called CAST (Complexities Affecting Seamless

Transition). This system will delve further into those previously classified as unable to receive

services. Pilot currently under evaluation. 14 hospitals - 3 community providers. Results

expected by 12/31/17.

SMHRF (Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities): IMDs (Institute for Mental

Diseases) converting to SMHRFs. There are 3 who do not want to convert. Challenges are:

Housing, Limited Residential Settings, Co-Morbidity, High Behavior Risk Factors, and No


(Fred): Thanked Brenda. How many currently in IMDs? Clarify deaths - any suicides? What is

the housing challenges?

(Brenda): 3,200. There is constantly people being admitted. Out of the 54 deaths. One was a

suicide. These clients competewith other individuals for housing, making it more difficult.

(Andrea): Expressed concerns that consumers are not being followed-up with in a timely


(Brenda): Asked for specific names and offered assistance.

(Ray): Thankful for report and the services provided to his son.

(AJ): Why are only providers invited to the phone call meeting referenced by Brenda?

(Brenda): Invitation went to 8 providers because they are the ones transitioning the clients. If

others want to participate, all are welcome.

(Brock): The purpose of the meeting is to discuss payment structures.

(AJ): Wondering why folks who can't be transitioned due to no funds are not being helped.

(Brenda): State p8utting an individual in a spot of possibly seeking funds that are not

appropriate isn't best. There must be sustainability which means funding like SSDI.

(AJ): Requested, for next meeting, number of individuals transitioned to smaller settings.

(John): Thanked Brenda for these services. To Diana K. - how has Washington affected local


(Diana): Not too much. Still waiting for 1115 Status.

IHFS Report: Jean Summerfield

(Jean): BHCC (Behavioral Health Care Clinics). She expects the rules regarding BHCCs to be

coming out in the next few week regarding qualifications.

(Ray): What is the status of Rule 139?

(Jean): Not sure, guessing it was going forward.

(Fred): What is the status of restrictions in 1115?

(Jean): Major changes are around substance abuse, specifically opiods.

(AJ): Requesting status on the letter voted on at the last meeting to be sent to IHFS reference

regulatory status.

(Andrea): There was a letter sent to Director Norwood requesting a phone conference.

Committee Reports:

  • Development: Ron thanked AJ for all her work the past 2 years and welcomed Fred as a new member. Members are being contacted to put together a proper slate to present to the Council taking into account required diversity for Block Grant and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration). John asked council members to please reach out to Ron so a report may be given in January
  • Children & Adolescents: Ray stated there is no report, but Margo has stepped up to serve as another co-chair on the C&A Committee. Ray will speak to Margo regarding their next meeting.
  • Adult In-Patient: Andrea asked members to refer the report that was enclosed in our packets and the update on the lawsuit regarding lack of services for inmates. The consent decree passed in 2016 hasn't been followed so a new lawsuit has been filed. 11,000 inmates were to be served by Mental Health, which did not happen. Ray stated it might be more appropriate to have someone from this Consent Decree attend January's meeting to present. John stated IMHPAC would welcome a representative from DOC

(Department of Corrections) to be a member of the Council. Fred state he will try to launch a Justice Committee by January's meeting. Anne clarified that the lawsuit was to

clarify specific services and levels of care being provided by DOC, specifically crisis beds.Anne clarified that the DOC Rasho lawsuit was about levels of care and not long term care as stated by Andrea.

New Business

  • Meeting Dates for Next Year: John asked for discussion of meeting dates for next year. Meetings are set as the first Thursday of every other month. Pending confirmation from DMH - Consensus was made to move the January 4th date to January 11th and the July 5th date to July 12th. Dates are confirmed as followed for 2018:
    • January 11th
    • March 1st
    • May 3rd
    • July 12th
    • September 6th
    • November 1st

Lee Ann to confirm availability of DMH and rooms.

  • Meeting Start and End Times: Group discussion was conducted in reference to start and stop times. Mary Ann moved to meet 12:30-2:30 p.m. Amy seconded. AJ & Andrea requested 12:30 to 3:00 p.m.. Mary Ann amended the motion to meet 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. Amy seconded. Motion to convene from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. - motion passed as amended.
  • Letter of Appreciation: Andrea will be sending out a letter of appreciate to Lynn O'Shea via email.

Public Comment: Andrea reported that no Public Comments were made.


Motion to adjourn was made by AJ, seconded by Ray. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at

1:57 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joanne Furnas

On behalf of Council Secretary Lynn O'Shea