1500-GA-Youth Services Training Technical Assistance and Support (YSTTAS) Continuation Grant Application

To be eligible for a Grant Renewal, all grantees must complete the Pre-Qualification Process, Internal Controls Questionnaire, Programmatic Risk Assessment and Grant Application. The Grant Application and Programmatic Risk Assessment are to be completed for every program/grant. See Grant Application Information and Instructions webpage for more detail. At the time of application, all Bureau grantees must submit for each grant program the following documents:

Submission Dates and Times

Applications must be received at the location below no later than 12:00 p.m. on Friday, May 11, 2018. The application container will be electronically time-stamped upon receipt. The Department will ONLY accept applications submitted by electronic mail as described in Section D.4 "Submission Dates & Time and Section" and D.6 "Other Submission Requirements" below. Applications will NOT be accepted if received by fax machine, hard copy, disk or thumb drive.

Applicants will receive an email within 48 hours of receipt notifying them that their application was received and if it was received by the due date and time. This email will be sent to the 2 email addresses provided in the application. Applications received after the due date and time may not be considered for review or funding. Applicants are required to notify the Department by Monday, May 14th at noon, if they did NOT receive an email notifying them that their application was received. If the applicant does not receive an email and does not notify the Department by Monday, May 14th at noon, their application will be considered late and may not be considered for funding.

All applicants must submit the completed grant application utilizing the CMS File Transfer Utility located at https://filet.illinois.gov/filet/PIMupload.asp  

Submit the completed grant application to: DHS.YouthServicesInfo@Illinois.Gov  

The subject line of the email MUST state: "444-80-1500 YSTTAS".

Please follow the instructions to attach your application. Don't forget the subject line above. To be considered, proposals must be submitted via CMS File Transfer Utility by the designated date and time listed above. For your records, please keep a copy of your submission with the date and time the application was submitted along with the email address to which it was sent.