External .Gov Email Password Recovery Steps

Go to this link: https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/doit/support/Pages/DoITIdentityManagement.aspx

  • Click on the second option: Reset your Password or Unlock your Account
  • You should be taken to the page below.
  • Do not change the default option in the first drop-down box which reads:

External User (Not employed by the State of Illinois)

  • For the Username box, enter the entire external.gov account email address, for example: John.Doe@external.illinois.gov
  • Enter the code appearing in the grey box in the image code box.
  • Click on continue.

Reset your password?

To reset your password fill in the information below, then select Continue.


Domain Name Drop-down choice


Username Text box

The Code used for Resetting password

Type the code here

You'll be directed to the following page: For most CIRAS users, option 1, Verify Your Identity will be appropriate. Click on, "Send an email with a confirmation code."

Verify Your Identity

Step 1: Please select one of the following options to continue:

Verification Options

Botton to click in to send email with confirmation codeSend an email with a confirmation code

Step 2: Is your account locked?

If your account is expired or you do not remember your password, do not select this box.

Unlock Account ButtonUnlock my account.

Your password will remain the same.

Continue Cancel Buttons for resetting password

Once selected, the following page will appear. Enter the code received in the email and select continue.

Once entered, follow the prompts to select a new password and proceed to CIRAS log in.

Verify Your Identity

Step 3: Enter Identity Confirmation Code

Please check your email or cell phone for the Identity Confirmation code and enter below.


Fill in text box for Identity confirmation Code

Continue Cancel Button for verifying Identity