FY18 Info for Grantees

Attention all Grantees:

FY18 Indirect Cost Rate Submissions Required:

This is a reminder that all grantees that received an indirect cost rate for FY17 must also make an election for an indirect cost rate for FY18 in the CARS Indirect Cost Rate Proposal System in order to continue claiming indirect costs on their FY18 contracts. Grantees who received a rate for FY17 have until 6 months following the beginning of their FY18 fiscal year to submit an FY18 cost rate election / proposal. For most grantees this would be December 31st which is quickly approaching. Even if your organization intends to take the 10% de minimis rate in FY18, this election must be made in the CARS system again. If your organization has a Federal rate that was submitted and approved during FY17, a new election must be made in FY18 either with the same Federal rate if it is still current, or with any new rate that you may have received.

FY18 1st Quarter Periodic Financial Reports:

FY18 Periodic Financial Reports for the 1st quarter of FY18 are being accepted with the FY17 approved rates unless an FY18 rate has already been approved. After December 31st if a new election / proposal has not been submitted for FY18, indirect costs will not be allowed on future FY18 reports and adjustments will need to be made on the expenditure reports to eliminate indirect costs already claimed for the fiscal year.

Budget Revisions:

Some grantees have expressed a need to submit budget revisions as a result of their approved FY18 Indirect Cost Rate being different than the rate that was used in their FY18 budget. If there is more than a 10% variance on any of your budget line items, including indirect costs, please discuss this with your program contact. The program staff will send the request and any supporting documentation to the DMH Central Office for review. If approved, DMH Fiscal will generate an amendment in CSA and notify you to enter your budget in the system. Once the amendment is completed, you will need to download the signature page, sign, and return to the Office of Contract Administration.

For questions relating to any of the above items, please reach out to your program contact, or contact Rhonda Mitchell at 217-524-5356, or (rhonda.mitchell@illinois.gov)

Thank you.