December 8, 2017 - Child Care Payment Update


Today is Friday, December 8, 2017 and you have reached the (217) 524-9041 IDHS Child Care Certificate payment information line. Please listen to this message completely, there are some updates on payment processing. This message will be updated again around December 11th.


The toll free number to hear payment information is working properly, and all payment statuses should be able to be heard. That number is 800-804-3833.

IDHS did have some technical issues with some payments entered on December 1st and December 4th. Most of the payments effected now have official entry dates in the IDHS system of December 4th, 5th and 6th. Payments with entry dates of December 4th, and 5th should be approved by IDHS on Thursday night December 7th or Friday night December 8th. Also, SOME payments with an entry date of December 6th will approve on December 8th. MOST of the payments with an entry date of December 6th, not approving on December 8th, should be approved on December 11th, as will some payments with an entry date of December 7th. IDHS hopes all the technical issues will be resolved very soon, and we will keep you updated when new information is received. We apologize for inconveniences this may have caused. IDHS plans to continue approving payments most days throughout the month of December.

When payments are officially entered into the IDHS system, providers can hear the entry date and approval dates of the payments on the IDHS Payment Inquiry Line of 800-804-3833. A small portion of the IVR case numbers recently changed. The new IVR case numbers were listed on the November certificates, and will be listed on future child care documents and certificates.

Providers paid by direct deposit can get detailed information of issued payments via the internet, by signing up for The Office of the Comptroller Enhanced Remittance screens. To sign up, providers need to log on to the Office of the Comptroller web site of: Click on the word Vendors. On the next page, click on the highlighted phrase, "Click Here To Access or Register For Enhanced Vendor Remittance." Then click Register and complete the registration. After completing the registration, an e-mail will be sent to allow the provider to create a passcode and view detail of payments.

To view issued payments without specific payment information, visit:

On the home page, options should come up:

Click on Vendors

  • Enter provider VENDOR TIN (SS# or FEIN)
  • Next enter the VENDOR NAME (name as listed with The Office of the Comptroller. Businesses need to use the legal name as Comptroller has them listed)
  • Select the security image noted
  • Click: Payment Detail
  • Click: Find Warrant (the most recent issued payment will be listed at the top of the next page)

For issued payments: MOST payments are issued one to three working days after being approved by IDHS. Payments are issued at night, paper checks are mailed the next working day. Direct deposit payments and debit card payments are in accounts two working days after being issued. Weekends and holidays are not working days.

New Debit Cards

Normally, funds are on the debit card two working days after the payment is issued. However, it may be late on the second day after the issue date before the funds reach your account. The debit card has recently added a mobile app for its customers. The app is available in Google Play or the Apple Store. The app is listed as: Way2Go Card, and allows the user to view purchases made, deposits, monthly statements, and many more helpful areas. For providers that are paid through the debit card, if you have trouble with your card, need a new card, your card was lost stolen or damaged, or if you need a monthly statement mailed to you, call the card company customer service line at: 1-866-338-2944. To speak with a customer service representative at the card company, do not enter your card number when the message asks for it. Press the # sign when mentioned. Then, when instructed, press option 4 for lost, stolen, or damaged card. Next you will be instructed to enter your social security number, zip code, and PIN Number. Only put in your social security number and zip code. After entering those two things, a representative should come on the line.

For child care case specific questions, or if you have a payment that was returned undeliverable, or if you have not received a payment that was issued over 20 days ago, you need to contact your Child Care Resource and Referral Office for assistance.

Thank You