27-96-00 Item 96: Remarks

  1. Verify Recipient Identification Number (RIN)
  2. Cancel a Temporary Medical Case
  3. Form 2943 Information (TANF Cash)
  4. Dates Used for Client Notices and SNAP Application Monitoring
  5. Information Needed for Authorizing Mercury Payments
  6. Special Information Needed to Process a Transaction
  7. Centrally Printed Information

Use the REMARKS area of Form 552 to enter or report information that

does not have an assigned item number or area on printed Form 552. In addition, case information is centrally printed in the REMARKS area. Following are some of the types of information reported or printed in REMARKS.

Verify Recipient Identification Number (RIN)

The system uses information entered in REMARKS to verify the previously assigned RIN of a person included in an application or a person being added to a case. To verify an RIN used under a different case ID number, enter the former case ID number in REMARKS and the previously assigned RIN in Item 60. The system then uses the information to verify the RIN. If a person received benefits under more than one former case ID number, enter all former case ID numbers. The turnaround Form 552 does not show these entries.

Cancel a Temporary Medical Case

If a temporary medical case was approved and remains active at the time a Medical application is approved, enter the temporary case ID number in REMARKS (see WAG 17-03-03). The temporary medical case will only be centrally canceled if the temporary medical case number is entered in this item.

Form 2943 Information (TANF Cash)

When completing Form 2943, if Item 6 of Section A is zero and no other entries on Form 2943 are needed, enter 0 in REMARKS on Form 552.

Dates Used for Client Notices and SNAP Application Monitoring

When processing cases via IPACS (Form 552), use REMARKS to enter dates used in Items 85 and 86. See WAG 27-85-00 or WAG 27-86-00 for completion instructions.

Information Needed for Authorizing Mercury Payments

  • Mercury Appeal Payments - Enter appeal number, months covered by the payment, and number of Forms 552 used (see WAG 01-07-12-a).
  • Child Care Payments - Enter beginning and ending dates of payment (see WAG 21-05-00).
  • Replacing Lost or Stolen Payments or Medical Cards - Enter information about the method used to stop or void a payment or card, or to change name or address information (see WAG 22-02-01 or WAG 22-02-02-a).

Special Information Needed to Process a Transaction

  • Guardian Withdraws from a Case - Enter Guardian Withdrawn, when changing payees because a guardian withdrew from a case (see WAG 16-04-03).
  • text deleted
  • Item 67, Marital Status Other - When using Item 67 code 6, Other, enter the reason for the separation (see WAG 27-67-00).
  • Second Form 552 Needed to Process Action - When a 2nd Form 552 is needed due to the number of entries for Items 60, 80, or 90, enter in REMARKS that a 2nd Form 552 was completed (see WAG 27-60-01, or WAG 27-80-00, or WAG 27-90-00).
  • Item 90 Income Codes Other - When using Item 90 "Other Income" codes 521, 526, 535, or 641, describe the type of income in REMARKS.
  • Item 91 Asset Code 707 for AABD - When using Item 91 code 707, Other, on an AABD case, enter a description of the asset (see WAG 27-91-01-b).

Centrally Printed Information

  • SSA/SSI Exclusion Codes - When a case is excluded from central budgeting of the annual SSA/SSI increase, the reason code for the exclusion is printed as SSA-Exclusion _ (see WAG 19-02-03-b or WAG 22-14-03-b).
  • DCFS Region Number - For Category 98 cases, the DCFS Region number serving the case is printed following the number 81 (see WAG 27-81-00).