27-80-01-e: Sanction Codes (TANF Cash)

Use one (or more) of the following codes on a regular roll action to reduce the cash benefit, due to failure to cooperate with program requirement(s). For each code, enter the sanction reason under PERSONS, the 4-digit date the sanction began under TOTAL COST, the RIN of the person who failed to cooperate above the reason and date, and the sanction level under SUP. BY.

ITEM 80 CODE & ABBREV. Sanction Codes
165 CSNC

Child Support Sanction

(See WAG 24-04-04 for complete coding.)

166 SSNC

School Attendance Initiative Sanction

(See WAG 03-22-04-a for complete coding.)

176 ASNC

Activity Requirement Sanction

(See WAG 03-13-04-c for complete coding.)

Entry of an active sanction code results in system entry of Item 90 code 512, Sanction Amount. If code 512 = total cash benefit, the system enters a Zero Grant Reason code C in Item 34.

To end a sanction, change the reason code. Do not delete the sanction code when the sanction ends, as the code is a record of the client's sanction history.