27-80-00 Item 80: Needs/Informational

Item 80 codes are used to:

  • determine the regular monthly benefit for AABD Cash using monthly needs;
  • authorize special needs in addition to the regular monthly benefit;
  • authorize supplemental Mercury benefits not included in the regular monthly benefit;
  • record countable income and spenddown information on Medical Only cases;
  • determine SNAP eligibility and benefit amount; and
  • provide special program information to affect the cash benefit or monitor case activities, such as sanction coding.

When completing Item 80, enter codes across the form in numerical order. Enter new codes in numerical order after any already printed on the form. The system rearranges them in numerical order.

When there are more than 14 entries for Item 80, use a 2nd Form 552 and note this in REMARKS. Fill in only Items 1, 5, 8, 9, 10, and 80 on the 2nd Form 552. The turnaround Form 552 shows more than 12 codes as stacked in the Item 80 box. If a stacked code is changed, line out the old amount and enter the new amount to the right of the lined out amount.

When making changes via IPACS, and there is a change in the amount of a need, line out the existing amount and enter the new amount above it. To delete a need, line out the code, abbreviation, and amount.

There are 5 columns in Item 80. Codes are identified by a 3-digit number, ITEM ABBREV. (description of the code), and AMOUNT or date. The Item 80 field also includes a SHARING section with PERSONS and TOTAL COST breakouts, and a SUP. BY (supplied by) section.

  • CODE - A number.
  • ITEM ABBREV.- A letter abbreviation for the code description.

    NOTE: Letter abbreviations are not data entered and do not display in the Client Database (CDB). The only time a letter abbreviation is seen is when it shows on a turnaround Form 552. 

  • AMOUNT - The need amount, or a 4-digit date if the code is used for program monitoring.

    NOTE: For AABD, enter in dollars and cents of the allowance budgeted for the specific need, except for Utility Needs Codes 131, 133, 135, 137, 139, 140, or 143, or unless the item is a shared expense. 

  • SHARING - This column includes PERSONS and TOTAL COST fields. These are used when a need is shared by other persons or to report other program information.
  • SUP. BY - Used to report various program options.

The information in this section is broken down by assistance program, as follows:

  • TANF Cash, RRA, AATV, All Kids, Family Assist (WAG 27-80-01)
    • Includes TANF Cash, RRA Cash, RRA Medical, AATV, MPE, All Kids, FamilyCare, and Family Assist
  • AABD (WAG 27-80-02)
    • text revisedIncludes AABD Cash, AABD Medical, QMB Only, SLIB Only, and QI-1 Only 
  • SNAP (WAG 27-80-04)
    • Includes SNAP Only and SNAP under any Category