27-04-00 Item 4: Definer

The following chart provides the category number(s) that corresponds to the description used in the PROGRAM column for the Item 4 chart.

All Cash Programs 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, P4, 06, P6, 07, and P3-TA
SNAP Only 08

Enter one of the following codes on all actions affecting cash and SNAP to indicate the type of submittal being made.

1 All Cash Programs Authorize benefits as a regular action or as an IPE which is to be continued as a regular action.
2 All Cash Programs Authorize Mercury cash benefits (one-month only).
2 SNAP Only Authorize Mercury cash benefits for SNAP E&T supportive service payments on a SNAP Only case.
4 All Cash Programs Used by the Exception Processing Unit (EPU) to authorize emergency checks. Not valid for FCRC use.
6 SNAP Only Authorize regular roll actions.
7 SNAP (under any category) and SNAP Only Register, deny, or approve SNAP application; or authorize Mercury SNAP benefits.