WAG 02-08-03-c: Financial Management

PM 02-08-03-c

new manual textIf a SNAP household' s monthly SNAP related expenses exceed the household's known monthly income and resources, discuss financial management with the applicant. Ask the applicant how they pay these expenses. They must explain financial management before SNAP benefits are issued.

  1. revised textDocument the applicant's statements and explanation of their financial management.
    1. An applicant must explain financial management before expedited SNAP benefits are issued, but they do not have to provide verifications to prove it.
    2. Deny the SNAP application if they do not provide an explanation.
  2. revised textFor all other SNAP households:
    1. If explaining financial management requires that the applicant provide proof, request the verification (see PM 02-07-02) before issuing SNAP benefits.
    2. Deny the application if the applicant does not provide the verification within 10 calendar days and has not asked for more time or help in getting the information.

new manual textNote: See Financial Management section in WAG 02-07-03-l.

new textExample 1: Ms. K filed a SNAP application on April 18th due to the loss of her job in March. Ms K states she earned $650 weekly when she was employed. Her last paycheck of $650 was received on March 31 and was used to pay part of her $950 mortgage in April. She filed for unemployment benefits, but has not been approved and does not have money to pay the remaining $300 mortgage balance or to pay any of her utility bills. Ms. K has explained financial management and does not need to provide any verifications. The HSC documents Ms. K's statements in the case file and determines her SNAP eligibility.

new textExample 2: Mr. and Mrs. G are applying for SNAP benefits. During the interview Mr. G states he lost his job a year ago and his parents have been contributing $500 monthly to pay his rent. Mr. G states the money is a loan and he is expected to pay it back when he becomes employed. Mr. G has explained financial management, but he must verify the loan from his parents (see PM 08-04-04-o). Mr. G is given Verification Checklist (IL444-0267). If verification is not returned within 10 calendar days, the application is denied.