WAG 23-09-02-c: Referring Information on Property

PM 23-09-02-c.

Revised textRefer resource information when a customer dies and the customer:

  • received AABD Cash;
  • received medical assistance before 10/01/93 and was 65 or older when receiving medical; or
  • received medical assistance on or after 10/01/93 and was 55 or older when receiving medical; or
  • resided in a medical institution and a lien has been filed on the customer's real property.
  1. (LO) Review the case record and complete Asset Report Revised textfor Deceased AABD MAG/MANG Client (Form 187).

    NOTE: Complete Form 187 even if the customer owned no Revised textresources at death. Information for Form 187 can be found in: 

    • the initial application;
    • Revised textDetermination of Resource Allowance (Form 3190);
    • Form 552; and
    • the most recent AABD Redetermination Report Form (Form 643G), or Redetermination - Group Care/Shelter Care (Form 1229).
  2. (LO) Send Form 187 to the HFS Bureau of Collections (BOC) Technical Recovery Section.
  3. (LO) Put a copy of Form 187 in the case file.

    NOTE: All the decedent's real and personal property that is available for payment of debts is treated as Revised textresources. Some interests in property end upon death. The decedent's Revised textresources are part of his or her estate. Heirs and other persons who have custody of personal property Revised textresources do not take title to them but hold them subject to the claims of the decedent's creditors. 

Real Property

  1. (LO) Determine the decedent's interest in real property.
  2. (LO) Complete Form 187 with the following information, if available:
    • the current market value;
    • the legal description of the property;
    • the names of any co-owners;
    • mortgage information, if the mortgage is outstanding; and
    • delinquent tax or other lien information.

Life Insurance

  1. (LO) Determine whether the policy is in force, the death benefit payable, and to whom the benefit will be paid.
    1. Determine if a beneficiary named in the policy is alive.
    2. Find out if the beneficiary will claim the proceeds of the policy or if they will be paid into the deceased's estate.

      If current information on the status of the policy is not available: 

  2. (LO) Use Life Insurance Review (Form 922) to contact the company issuing the policy.

    If proceeds will be paid to the deceased's estate: 

  3. (LO) Notify HFS BOC Technical Recovery Section.
  4. (LO) Send the completed Form 187 to HFS BOC Technical Recovery Section.