PM 23-09-02-a: Types of Benefits HFS Tries to Recover

WAG 23-09-02-a

New InformationFor persons enrolled in the Medicare Saving Program refer to policy memo, Elimation of Estate Claims for Medicare Savings Program, dated 03/28/2012.

An estate claim is filed on a client's real and personal property to get back:

  • All cash benefits given to an AABD client.
  • The cost of medical paid for a client:
    • before 01/01/93, when the client was 65 or older; or
    • on or after 10/01/93, when the client was 55 or older; or
    • when HFS has a lien on the property of a client in a medical institution.

HFS does not recover the costs of Community Care Program (CCP) services paid prior to 10/01/93 for a client who was 65 years of age or older.

Effective 01/01/97, the cost of medical paid for a client includes the amount of medical paid out for Medicare cost-sharing expenses of a client 55 or older who received QMB Only.

  • Funeral and burial costs paid for a client.
  • Fees paid to keep the lien valid.