PM 23-09-00: Liens and Estate Claims (AABD)

WAG 23-09-00

The State of Illinois has the right to get back money spent on customers. HFS collects this money from:

  • Real property (like a house and land) owned by customers who received AABD Cash or customers who received AABD Medical and have been in a medical institution for at least 120 days.
  • The estate of a deceased person who:
    • got AABD Cash; or
    • prior to 10/01/93, was at least 65 and got AABD Medical; or
    • on or after 10/01/93, was at least 55 and got AABD Medical (including QMB Only New Textthrough 12/31/09); or
    • got AABD Medical, was in a medical institution for at least 120 days, and HFS has a lien on the customer's real property.

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HFS uses 2 legal procedures to get back money spent on customers:

  • lien -filed against real property; and
  • Revised textclaim -filed against the deceased customer's estate or the estate of the customer's deceased spouse.

In cases where HFS has both a lien and a claim, only one legal procedure is usually used to collect both.