PM 23-05-02-b: Repayment - Canceled Cases

WAG 23-05-02-b

For a canceled SNAP case, BOC sends a demand letter and repayment agreement and works out a payment plan.

If the former client fails for 90 days to make payments according to the payment plan, the overpayment account becomes delinquent. BOC takes follow-up action to refer delinquent SNAP claims to:

  • collection agencies;
  • the State Comptroller Offset System for offsetting of a state check such as State Tax Refunds, lottery winnings, and state payroll checks);
  • the Attorney General for civil prosecution;
  • offset of an Unemployment Insurance check if the client agrees or if ordered by a court;
  • employers for wage garnishment; and
  • the Treasury Offset Program for offsetting of a federal tax refund, Social Security benefits, and/or other federal check.