WAG 24-05-02-b: Excess Support (TANF Cash)

PM 24-05-02-b

  1. new manual material (DCSS) Looks for excess support to be sent to the client when current child support payments are received. To find excess support new manual material DCSS:
    • deducts up to new manual material $100 for one child, $200 for two or more children for a pass through disregard from the current amount of child support collected;
    • compares the amount of remaining support to the amount of TANF Cash received in the same month; and
    • sends any amount of current child support that is more than the TANF Cash amount to the client.
  2. new manual material (DCSS) Sends Notice of Receipt of Excess Child Support (Form 1967) to tell the FCRC about the excess support payment. This form shows:
    • the payment amount;
    • the month received by new manual material DCSS; and
    • the date the amount will be sent to the client.
  3. (FCRC) Budgets an excess child support payment as unearned income for the next payment month that can be affected. Use code 542, Excess Child Support Paid to Client, in Item 90 of Form 552. Do not allow a pass through disregard when budgeting an excess child support payment. Codes 801 and 802 must be present in Item 90 of Form 552 for earned income cases to allow the 3/4 income deduction for an excess child support payment.

Reissued Excess Child Support Payment

When an excess child support payment:

  • was issued;
  • returned as undeliverable;
  • reported as lost or stolen; or
  • subsequently voided and central office reissues according to normal void/reissue procedures.

The payment is identified on the Recipient Warrant Ledger File (PF6) as TA 55 and Reason Code 602.