WAG 24-05-01-e: Voided Pass Through Payment

PM 24-05-01-e

  1. (DCSE) Sends the FCRC HFS 3481, Voided Pass Through Payments Notice, when they find:
    • a current pass through check(s) has been voided; and
    • the check(s) need(s) to be reissued.

      HFS 3481 tells the FCRC: 

    • to reissue the check(s);
    • the voided check number;
    • the effective date;
    • the mail date; and
    • the amount.
  2. (FCRC) When HFS 3481 is received, take action to reissue the pass through check(s). More than one voided pass through payment may show on HFS 3481.