PM 24-02-03: Medical for Pregnant Women

WAG 24-02-03.

The pregnant woman who does not cooperate in Child Support Enforcement (CSE) activities is eligible for medical benefits for the duration of her pregnancy and her Revised Text.postpartum period.

Approve Moms and Babies for a pregnant woman who is not receiving FamilyCare Assist or AABD Medical due to failure to cooperate with child support enforcement requirements.

Approve a Moms and Babies case, upon request, for a woman not on assistance who did not cooperate in CSE activities if she:

  • becomes pregnant; and
  • Deleted Text.
  • is otherwise eligible.

See PM 06-09-00.

Cooperation with Child Support Enforcement

New Text.Pregnant women are not required to cooperate with CSE when applying for or receiving medical coverage. The entry of the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) allows pregnant women to continue receiving uninterrupted medical coverage while being sanctioned for TANF benefits. Women that have their medical benefits paused due to a CSE sanction will begin to receive medical when she reports her pregnancy. Women that apply for medical coverage and are pregnant will not have their medical denied due to noncooperation. HFS Form 1611 Notice of Failure to Cooperate is completed by the DCSE and sent to the office assigned to the case. Form 1611 provides the findings of customer's cooperation in the child support process (see PM/WAG 24). HFS Form 493 Change in Case/Non-Custodial Parent Status is completed by the DCSE and sent to the office assigned to the case. Form 493 provides updated information concerning a change in the cooperation of a client.

Note: TANF benefits may be sanctioned for pregnant women (see Policy Memo: TANF Sanction Policy Changes dated 12/20/2019).