PM 24-01-04-a: Assignment for Child Support, Alimony, Maintenance (TANF)

WAG 24-01-04-a

This assignment gives HFS the right to collect:

  • support money from noncustodial parents, in order to reimburse the state and federal government for cash benefits given to dependent children;
  • support money owed to the client for a period before approval and received by the client after approval for AFDC or TANF;
  • medical support through an order; and
  • payment for medical care from third parties.

This assignment can include support money paid for the client (maintenance or alimony). It also includes money paid for other family members for whom benefits are requested.

When a person no longer receives benefits, the assignment of support rights ends, except for:

  • any unpaid support money owed to us for when they received benefits; and
  • any unpaid medical support owed for when they received benefits.

An assignment of support rights takes effect at each reapplication.