PM 24-01-01: Child Support Services

WAG 24-01-01

Child Support Enforcement (CSE) services are provided for children who have a noncustodial parent or alleged father and who receive TANF/AABD cash, TANF/AABD Medical or foster care. The Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) offers child support services through the Non-Assistance Child Support Program to persons who do not receive cash or medical benefits, or foster care.

CSE services include collection of the current child support and collection of any unpaid amount, even if no current support is owed. If an arrearage exists, DCSE also helps the client receive payment for the delinquent amount. CSE services also include establishing paternity.

DCSE pays the client all current child support collected from an absent parent on behalf of a child who receives medical benefits. DCSE also pays all current child support and medical support collected on behalf of a non-assistance child, when the child does not receive cash or medical benefits.

DCSE staff:

  • take actions to establish, change, review, or enforce child support and medical support orders;
  • provide required child support services to all families identified by data exchanges between the Client Information System (CIS) and the Key Information Delivery System (KIDS);
  • may interview the client, noncustodial parents, and alleged fathers to get the facts of the case;
  • maintain a parent location service to find noncustodial parents and alleged fathers whose whereabouts are unknown; and
  • cooperate with other states to establish parentage, locate noncustodial parents and alleged fathers, and secure support.

Refer written inquiries from persons who do not receive cash or medical benefits and who want information about, or wish to apply for, non-assistance child support services to:

Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services

Division of Child Support Enforcement
P.O. Box 19405
201 South Grand Avenue East
Springfield, IL 62762-9405

Written inquiries should include the person's:

  • name;
  • address;
  • phone number at home and work;
  • hours of employment; and
  • date of inquiry.

Unemployed noncustodial parents may be referred by the court to the Department for help in locating and accepting employment. The noncustodial parent must:

  • have a child who receives TANF in Illinois; and
  • live in Illinois.
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