WAG 22-14-03-d: Quarters of Coverage Inquiry

PM 22-14-03-d.

To access the Quarters of Coverage Inquiry:

  1. From the IPACS Inquiry System Menu, press PF16, Quarters of Coverage (QOC). This brings up the Client Information Inquiry screen.
  2. Enter the client's SSN. Press Enter.
  3. Select PF4 SEND WTPY and complete the following on the WTPY Request Entry Screen:
    • SSN - Client's SSN
    • LNAME - Client's last name
    • FNAME - Client's first initial of first name
    • FCRC Number - DHS Family Community Resource Center number
    • Caseload - Caseload number of requestor
    • DOB - Client's Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)
    • Query Type - Enter an X under QOC
  4. Select PF10 for the Quarters of Coverage Inquiry.
    1. If there is an entry in the condition code, take the following actions:
Code Description
01 Earnings record not found. If the wage earner believes that earnings exist, tell them they may go to SSA to correct their record. Use other means of verification.
02 System error, resubmit request.
99 Record could not be processed. Contact SSA Programs Control Unit by telephone and explain that there is a condition 99. They will contact SSA.

See WAG 25-04-05 for a list of the types of codes and the definitions for the information on the QOC screen.

Figuring Qualifying Quarters Using the QOC Inquiry

Quarters Field

Information in the Quarters Section of the Inquiry is provided by year. By year, 4 entries, representing quarters, appear with a code. See WAG 25-04-05 for definitions of the codes.

Example: 1986 NNAC

1987 CCCC

In this example, there are 6 countable qualifying quarters. N is no earnings, A is agricultural QQ, and C is a wage QQ.

Minimum Number of QOCs Field

Count the number in this field as qualifying quarters. This field represents the minimum number of quarters of coverage earned during 1937 - 1950. If SSA is able to provide the information for these years in the Quarters section of the screen, no entry will appear in this field.

Limitations of the QOC Inquiry

Lag Quarters

The record you receive will not show current year earnings and possibly last year's earnings, depending on when you make your request. Usually, SSA does not complete their processing until late summer of the year following the year of earnings.

Maximum # QOC Field/Railroad Service Months

Do not count an entry in either field as a qualifying quarter. See WAG 25-04-05 for a complete description of these fields. An entry in either field is an indicator of possible qualifying quarters.

Code # or Z

An entry of code # or Z in the Quarters section of the Inquiry is not a qualifying quarter. An entry of code # or Z is a questionable qualifying quarter.