WAG 22-14-03-c: State Online Query (SOLQ)

PM 22-14-03-c.

The State Online Query (SOLQ) is a method to obtain online access to SSA information about SSA/SSI benefit data for applicants and recipients.


The Automated Intake System (AIS) includes a clearance for each SSN entered in the Screening subsystem (including Mail-In Applications) and in the Add/Change/Delete Module when a person is added to the unit. A SOLQ clearance is also automatic for each SSN entered on applications registered using the Single Contact Module (Option U) in the Eligibility Subsystem. The clearance is automatic at Intake registration and is immediately available for online viewing.

SOLQ provides direct online access to SSA's Master Benefit Record. SSA and SSI information provided in the SOLQ system is printed in the FCRC for immediate viewing.

Accessing SOLQ

Any information obtained from SOLQ is confidential and may only be used to process cash, medical and food stamp benefits.

  1. Use your RACF ID number and password to access the Application Selection Menu. Select "IMSH Applications" (for most applications, the selection will be Option 2).
  2. On the screen that appears, type "/for signon." Press Enter to bring up the IMS/VS Sign On Screen. Reenter your RACF ID number and password. Press Enter.
  3. On the screen that appears, type "peimss00"(space). (The 00s are numeric). Press Enter. The Request Entry screen appears with the security message: "Periodic audits are conducted by federal and/or state officials. Be prepared to defend your request."
  4. revised textComplete the following on the Request Entry Screen:
    • SSN -Client SSN or the claim account number. Do not enter both for the same request or the request will be rejected.
    • LAST NAME -Client's last name.
    • FIRST NAME -Client's first initial of the first name.
    • DATE OF BIRTH -Client's date of birth (2-digit month/2-digit day/4-digit year: e.g., 01 01 1998).
    • CASE ID NUMBER - Client's pending or active case number.
  5. Press Enter. The Client/SSA Inquiry screen appears.

Viewing SOLQ Information

The Client/SSA Inquiry screen contains the following information:


  • 1 Response for SSN verification only
  • 2 Response for SSA Title II (regular Social Security) information only
  • Response for SSI information only
  • 4 Response for SSA Title II and SSI information


An Error Condition is caused by invalid data entry into the system. If an error occurs, the screen will display a code: 

  • 101 Claim Number (CAN) invalid
  • 102 Social Security Number (SSN) invalid
  • 110 CAN unverified
  • 120 SSN unverified
  • 201 Surname invalid
  • 300 Date of birth invalid
  • 400 Gender invalid
  • 600 Query is for a public figure whose record may not be routinely queried


An ID Discrepancy occurs when the input data does not match the identifying data on the queried record. If a discrepancy occurs the screen will display a code: 

Code Description
02 Birthdate does not match
04 Given name does not match
06 Given name and birthdate do not match
08 Surname does not match
OA Surname and birthdate do not match
OC Surname and given name do not match
OE Surname, given name, and birthdate do not match


Indicates SSN verification or the reason for nonverification: 

Code Description
1 SSN not in file
3 Name match, birthdate not matched
5 Name does not match, birthdate not matched
F SSN is verified (surname disregarded)
M SSN is verified other than via numident (overlay of 1)
P SSN is verified other than via numident (overlay of 3)
R SSN is verified other than via numident (overlay of 5)
V SSN is verified
& Multiple SSNs are provided in verified SSN data
* Input SSN was not verified. Use SSN in "Other SSN's used"

To view data for a Record Type 2, 3, or 4, follow the prompts listed at the bottom of each screen:

  • Record Type 2, press PF7 to view the SSA Title II screens. There are 4 screens. PF7 brings up SSA Title II Inquiry Page 1. Use PF8 to forward to Pages 2, 3, and 4.
  • Record Type 3, press PF8 to view the SSI Title XVI screens. There are 4 screens. Use PF8 to forward to Pages 2, 3, and 4.
  • Record Type 4, press PF7 to view SSA Title II Page 1. Use PF8 to forward through the 4 SSA Title II screens. From any of the SSA Title II screens, press PF3 to view SSI Title XVI data.

See WAG 25-04-04  for definitions of the codes on the SSA Title II and SSI Title XVI screens.

To Exit SOLQ

  1. From any of the SOLQ screens, select the appropriate PF "EXIT" key prompted at the bottom of the screen.
  2. A screen will appear with the message "No response conversation ended." Enter /rcl. The Application Selection screen will appear.