PM 23-04-00: Setting up an Overpayment (Cash, SNAP)

WAG 23-04-00

When an overpayment is confirmed, report the overpayment to the Bureau of Collections (BOC) within 5 workdays. BOC establishes a claim for the overpayment. For new claims, BOC notifies the client of the overpayment.

Report a SNAP overpayment of any amount.

Report the overpayment for the case that received it.

If you find out that a case you reported to BOC for overpayment has an additional overpayment, report the added overpayment to BOC. BOC will notify the client of an added SNAP overpayment. The Family Community Resource Center notifies the client of an added cash overpayment. BOC adds the new claim amount to the remainder of the previous overpayment amount.

Notify BOC when an inactive case with an outstanding overpayment reapplies and is approved with a new or changed case number. For TANF and SNAP overpayments, recoupment is started centrally. For AABD and GA, the Family Community Resource Center must start the recoupment.