PM 22-08-15: Alien Status Verification Index (ASVI)

WAG 22-08-15.

ASVI provides proof from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) about the status of noncitizens who apply for or receive benefits for themselves. ASVI is the main verification component of the Systematic Alien

Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program provided by the INS.

An applicant who claims a satisfactory immigration status must provide proof from INS that contains the person's Alien Registration (A) Number or Admission (I-94) Number.

The A-Number (consisting of 7 to 9 numerical digits preceded by the letter A) is used to access ASVI which then responds with selected data for comparison with the person's INS documentation to verify its authenticity. For each A-number entered, ASVI provides:

  • the first and last name;
  • date and country of birth;
  • Social Security Number (if known);
  • date of entry;
  • INS status;
  • verification number; and
  • employment eligibility statement.

If the record is not located during primary verification, the ASVI response says to institute secondary verification. Secondary verification must also be used if the person provides documents about immigration status which do not contain the A-Number or if differences exist between the documentation and the data received from the ASVI inquiry.