PM 22-06-07: Payment of Claims

WAG 22-06-07

All claimants must accept the IDHS standard for the type of claim filed. New Manual MaterialThey must cooperate with the New Manual Material Funeral and Burial Unit in securing information about available resources when needed.

NOTE: New Manual MaterialFamily Community Resource Centers New Manual Material no longer review funeral and burial Vendor and Reimbursement claims. All claims are processed in the Local Office of Transactions & Support Services (LOTSS) by the Funeral and Burial Unit. New Manual Material These claims include those filed on the death of a child who was receiving Foster Care/Adoption Care Assistance.

New Manual Material

Vendor and Reimbursement claims are submitted to the New Manual Material Funeral and Burial Unit for review and processing (see WAG 22-06-07).  All payments for claims approved by the Funeral and Burial Unit are issued by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller.