PM 22-05-00: Special Services

WAG 22-05-00.

The Regional Administrator or designee may approve special services not covered by basic DHS programs. The Regional Administrator or designee gives approval for the following special services:

  • Excess Shelter Allowance - AABD only.
  • Substitute Parent Care and supervision for children. This may be needed when the caretaker has to be absent from the home for 24 hours or more. The substitute parent is not a day care provider. However, day care may be approved while the substitute parent works or attends school if they provide care at no charge.
  • Supplemental Child Care needed for less than 24 hours. This is often needed when the child's caretaker is in the home but is ill or unable to work. A medical or mental health provider must verify that the caretaker is unable to provide care and supervision.