WAG 22-04-02-a: Voluntary Return of Cash Benefits to Prevent a Claim

PM 22-04-02-a.

If the client returns cash:

  1. (FCRC) Accept payment from the client or someone acting on their behalf.
    1. Issue a receipt for all cash received. Persons making payments in a form other than cash are not issued a receipt. The canceled check or money order serves as the receipt.
  2. (FCRC) Send:
    • child support payments to:

      IV-D Accounting Unit
      Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
      Division of Child Support Enforcement
      P.O. Box 909
      Springfield, IL 62705-0909 

    • all other payments to:

      Department of Human Services
      Office of Fiscal Services
      P.O. Box 19407
      Springfield, IL 62794-9407 

If the client wants the cash benefits deducted directly from the Illinois Link account:

  1. revised manual text(FCRC/Client) Complete the top section of Return of Illinois Link SNAP and/or Cash Benefits (Form 3660). Specify on the form the amount and the reason for the return of cash benefits.
  2. revised manual text(Client) Signs and dates Form 3660.
    • NOTE: If the client is returning cash benefits to prevent a claim, do not complete Overpayment Referral (Form 2404). 
  3. revised manual text(FCRC) Fax Form 3660 to the EBT Unit at (217) 524-3124 or email to DHS.LINK@illinois.gov the same day it is received. 
  4. revised manual text(FCRC) Make a copy of the form.
    1. Give the copy to the client.
    2. Upload the original to the client's electronic case file in IES.