PM 22-02-01-b: Receipt of Duplicate Checks

WAG 22-02-01-b.

When it is decided that duplicate checks were received by the client, start action to recover any overpayment, unless the case is in recoupment status. If the case is in recoupment status, delay action on the duplicate check recoupment until the current recoupment is finished.


For IM checks, recoup 1/36th of the overpaid check each month (see WAG 22-02-01-b).

For supportive service checks, refer the overpayment to the Bureau of Collections (BOC) for recovery. These checks are not recouped.


When a duplicate check overpayment happens the first time, recoup over a 6-month period. For each time after that, recoup over a 4-month period.

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Adjust the recouped amount if the client reports a change that would affect the benefit amount. Since the recoupment would cause ineligibility, change the recoupment to an amount that results in a cash payment of at least $1.

If a case is canceled before recoupment is completed and is later reinstated, recoup the remaining balance.