PM 22-01-01-e: Issuance of the Personal Identification Number (PIN)

WAG 22-01-01-e.

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required to process Link card transactions.  The revised textcustomer selects their own PIN after they get their Link card by contacting the Illinois Link Help Linerevised text or going to the Link Card website.

The customer can also obtain a PIN from the FCRC.  The FCRC can issue a PIN Pack(et).  FCRC should issue a PIN Pack(et) when the customer has a language barrier, is elderly, or is unable to use the phone system or website to select their PIN.

The PIN may be changed at any time after initial issuance. It is not required to change a PIN when replacing a Link card, although the customer may wish do so if there is a possibility their PIN has been compromised.

A PIN Pack(et) must be issued by the FCRC when:

  • there is no SSN identified with the case.

revised text

A PIN can also be issued by the FCRC with a PIN Pack(et) when a card is issued by the FCRC.