PM 22-01-01-b: Issuing the Illinois Link Card

WAG 22-01-01-b

Link cards will be mailed by the Link contractor for cash and SNAP case approvals except for the following instances when FCRCs will continue to issue the cards:

  • Expedited SNAP Cases,
  • Crisis Assistance Cash Cases,
  • Homeless clients using the Family Community Resource Center address,
  • Cases with no SSN (Pin Packs must also be issued by the office),
  • Residents of SLF, CILAs, or Drug/Alcohol facilities that have designated an approved or authorized representative, and
  • Cases with an approved representative when the approved representative will be using the Link card.

New textFCRC Issuing the Link Card - Separation of Duties

The same person cannot be responsible for authorizing the benefits on a case and issuing the Link card. In the rare event that this must occur due to the lack of staff availability and prior to issuing the card, the worker must request and be given written approval from a supervisor, local, or regional administrator who will verify correct procedures have been followed.

New textLink Contractor Issuing the Link Card

The cards are mailed to the customer address on file with DHS. It is critical that staff update the customer's address whenever a change is reported. Staff should stress with the customer the importance of reporting address changes right away.

Issue one Illinois Link card per case. The Illinois Link card is issued to the payee of the case.