WAG 23-03-03-a: Earned Income Overpayment (SNAP)

PM 23-03-03-a

Example 1: Ms. A and her daughter receive TANF and SNAP. deleted manual textOn 12/05, Ms. A reported she began working 10/27.

Revised manual TextThe case is put in Mid-Point Reporting status and prospective budgeting for TANF and SNAP for January.

Allow 10 days for Ms. A to report the change and 10 day timely notice period. The first month the change could be made was December. There is no SNAP overpayment for November. Figure the December overpayment prospectively.

Example 2: Ms. B applied for SNAP for herself and her child on 04/15. At the time of application, she reported that the child received $400 in monthly Social Security benefits. deleted manual textIn July, the FCRC finds out that Ms. B has been working since January. Figure the overpayment prospectively for each month of the overpayment period.