PM 21-06-09: Provider Determination

WAG 21-06-09

new manual textProvider Determination

  • A Provider Determination is when a SNAP E&T Provider determines a referred or active customer is not appropriate for their program. The Provider notifies the Office of Workforce Development within 10 calendar days from the date the determination is made. The Office of Workforce Development will review and determine if the volunteer is suitable for any other Provider. If not, the Office of Workforce Development will notify the FCRC within 10 calendar days from the date of  determining that the volunteer is not suitable for the program and to send SNAP Employment Training (SNAP E&T) Program Provider Determination Notice. 
  • If a referral is sent in ISETS and the Provider determines that the volunteer is not suitable, the Provider may reject the referral in the system. The Provider should also send a justification or reasoning statement included with the rejection to the Office of Workforce Development.
  • A Provider Determination may occur after the acceptance of a referral or after working with a volunteer, it is discovered that the customer can't appropriately be served. The Provider will notify their Provider Manager within 10 days from the date that the determination is made. After notifying their Provider Manager and submitting a brief explanation or statement of reasoning, the customer may be exited from the Provider's program in ISETS.
  • Once the Provider has notified the Provider Manager, the Provider Manager and the Office of Workforce Development will review to see if the volunteer is suitable for a different Provider. If the customer is determined not suitable, the Office of Workforce Development will notify the FCRC within 10 calendar days that the customer is no longer fit to participate in SNAP E&T with their current Provider. If suitable for a different Provider, a new referral must be made.
  • Within 10 calendar days of being notified by the Office of Workforce Development, the FCRC will send SNAP Employment and Training (SNAP E&T) Program Provider Determination Notice (Form IL444-4974) to inform the volunteer that they are no longer fit to participate with their current Provider and if they wish to continue their participation in SNAP E&T they must contact their FCRC to request a new referral. When the SNAP Work Requirement is in effect, this notification will also inform the customer how this determination may affect a client's time limited benefits. See PM 03-25-01.