PM 21-06-07-g: Community Workfare

WAG 21-06-07-g

Community Workfare

Community Workfare includes unpaid work a person performs at a not for profit organization, such as a school, church, or a government agency.

Community Workfare provides the person with employment skills and references that can help them get a job.

  1. Entry into the Activity

    A person may participate in this activity when they have little or no work experience and need to obtain employment skills. 

  2. Activity Requirements
  • Participation in Community Workfare is through a SNAP E&T Provider and is based on the household's SNAP benefit amount divided by the State minimum wage revised manual text($12.00).
  • Community Workfare is an option for an individual subject to the SNAP Work Requirement ABAWD Time-Limited Benefits policy to meet the requirement when the policy is in effect. 

Supportive Services

See WAG 21-06-11