PM 21-06-07-b: Vocational Training

WAG 21-06-07-b.

Approval Criteria

The Vocational Training activity is for customers who will benefit from short-term training to obtain unsubsidized employment.

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This activity offers special time-limited services for customers who: 

  • can benefit from short-term vocational training (e.g., a person with the interest and ability to complete the training program and be hired in a position for which the person has trained); or
  • are readily employable with the addition of short-term training (i.e., a training program for specific job openings which are available).

revised manual textEntry into the Activity

Customers may participate in this activity as part of their Employability Plan (EP). 

Activity Requirements

The customer must have satisfactory attendance and progress as defined by the training Provider.

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Contact with Customers  

Contact the customer monthly to consider the need for supportive payments. If benefits are received, determine the continued need for supportive services. See PM 21-06-11  for Supportive Services.

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revised manual textStudent Aid Benefits

Consider other vocational training assistance available to meet the customer's expenses for training. Provide information concerning student aid to customers.  Customers are required to apply for any grants identified by the training facilities for which they may be eligible.

Only if student aid is not sufficient to meet the customer's allowable education expenses for the academic term can it be supplemented by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS). If the expected aid amount exceeds any education expenses, do not approve a supplement. If the expected aid amount exceeds any education expenses, do not approve a supplement. If available student aid is not used to pay allowable education expenses (tuition and fees), it is considered available to meet other educational needs.

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