PM 21-06-07: SNAP E & T Program Activities

WAG 21-06-07

revised manual textAfter assessment, customers in SNAP E & T may take part in one or more of the following activities called SNAP E&T components:

  • Basic Education
  • Vocational Training
  • revised manual textJob Readiness (only available as half of the activity per month. Maximum of 40 hours per month)
  • revised manual textSupervised Job Search (only available as half of the activity per month. Maximum of 40 hours per month) 
  • Work Experience
  • Earnfare
  • revised manual textCommunity Workfare

NOTE: revised manual textThe Earnfare program may be required for persons who are court-ordered to participate.

revised manual textReview the customer's participation in the appropriate activity at each SNAP REDE, and customer staffing.