WAG 21-06-04: Assessing Employability

PM 21-06-04

Assessing Employability

  1. FCRC:
    • revised manual textCompletes Form IL444-5179, SNAP Employment and Training Referral Assessment (Referrals from FCRC to the Office of Workforce Development), with the volunteer's input. If Form IL444-5179 cannot be completed in its entirety, at a minimum, complete all sections on Page 1 and both the volunteer and worker sign on Page 4.
    • Explains the importance of completing Page 1 as this information will be used to determine the appropriate SNAP E&T Provider and other services that may be needed to effectively participate in the program. The signature is important because it gives consent to send the referral.
      • Note: If the volunteer is not in the office to complete the assessment, see WAG 21-06-02.
    • Emails Form IL444-5179 to the Office of Workforce Development through the respective email address below. new manual textIndicates in the email if the volunteer has a specific Provider they would like to work with. Documents in Case Comments which member in the SNAP household volunteered and the completion of the referral.
    • Enters in the subject line of the email: SNAP E&T Referral and the case number. Do not put a customer's name in the email. 
  2. Office of Workforce Development or SNAP E&T Provider:
    • Enters the referral information in ISETS within 2 workdays.
    • Contacts the customer within 30 days to complete the assessment.
    • Completes the full assessment in ISETS to determine the appropriate component and SNAP E&T Provider for the customer.

Provider Reverse Referral 

A reverse referral occurs when a customer goes directly to the SNAP E&T Provider on their own. A reverse referral can be done for any SNAP customer who wants to participate in SNAP E&T and is not receiving TANF Cash.

SNAP E&T Provider:

  • Sends SNAP Employment and Training Referral (IL444-4970) to the Office of Workforce Development as notification of a customer seeking services and to verify if the customer is an eligible SNAP recipient.

Office of Workforce Development:

  • Notifies the SNAP E&T Provider that the customer is an eligible SNAP recipient via SNAP Employment and Training Change Report (IL444-4971). 
    1. new manual textVerifies SNAP eligibility.
    2.  new manual textVerifies on the SNAP E&T screen in IES that the FCRC determined the customer is  fit to  participate in SNAP E&T.