WAG 21-06-03: Program Requirements

PM 21-06-03

revised manual textProgram Requirements

  1. FCRC:
    • Explains the components, including Transitional Jobs/Earnfare and supportive services at Intake, REDE or whenever contact is made with a SNAP household whose members could benefit from participating in SNAP E&T; and
    • Explains the Work Provision requirements and penalties to customers who do not meet an exemption (PM 03-15-00, PM 03-15-01, PM 03-15-02); and
    • Explains to customers who do not qualify for an exemption how volunteering to participate in the SNAP E&T Program is a way to meet the Work Requirement and maintain SNAP eligibility when the policy is in effect in Illinois (PM 03-15-00, PM 03-15-02,  PM 03-25-01). 
    • Discusses the customer's work interest, past work experiences and explains how the program can help with resolving potential barriers that may be preventing the customer from becoming employable.
    • If a customer volunteers for the program, the FCRC completes Page 1 and signs on Page 4 of Employment and Training Assessment (Form IL 444-5179) to refer the customer to the Office of Workforce Development. Email Form IL444-5179 to the respective email address below.
    • Enter in the subject line of the email: SNAP E&T Referral and the case number. Do not put a customer's name in the email. 
  2. SNAP E&T Provider:
    • If the customer is referred by the Office of Workforce Development, accepts the referral and completes the assessment in ISETS and engages the customer in the component. If ISETS is down, manually completes SNAP Employability Plan (IL444-2839).
    • Completes reverse referral in ISETS
  3. FCRC or Office of Workforce Development or SNAP E&T Provider:
    • Files a copy of all notices sent to the customer and all related SNAP E&T forms and information in IES/ISETS.