PM 21-06-02: Volunteers

WAG 21-06-02

  • revised manual text The SNAP Employment and Training Program (SNAP E &T) is a voluntary program for all SNAP recipients, except for SNAP recipients receiving TANF Cash.
  • revised manual textA person who is required to comply with the SNAP Work Requirement (PM 03-25-00) may volunteer to participate in the program for the required number of hours to meet the Work Requirement. A person who fails to comply with the Work Requirement is not sanctioned but is subject to the loss of eligibility after receiving 3 countable (unmet)months of SNAP benefits. A person may still be sanctioned for noncompliance with a Work Provision in PM 03-15-01.
  • revised manual textParticipants may receive the full range of supportive services (PM 21-06-11).