WAG 21-06-00: SNAP Employment & Training (SNAP)

PM 21-06-00.

  1. revised manual text(FCRC) Explain the SNAP E&T Program and activities.  
    1. Give SNAP Employment and Training Program brochure (DHS 4538) to the customer.
    2. If the customer is interested in participating, give them a referral to the Provider of their choice.
    3. If there is not a Provider, the FCRC is responsible for managing the case and issuing supportive services. The FCRC will refer a customer to the services of their choice and issue supportive services, if needed to participate in a service of their choice.
  2. revised manual text(Provider) If the customer is referred, completes an assessment and engages customer in activity. Notifies the FCRC of the activity the customer is participating in.
  3. revised manual text(FCRC or Provider) File a copy of all notices sent to the customer and all related SNAP E & T forms and information in the Electronic Case File (ECR).

deleted manual text