WAG 23-03-02-b: Mid-Point Reporting Units (TANF)

PM 23-03-02-b

Example 1: A TANF cash case in revised manual textMid-Point Reporting is in Group 01 and contains 2 adults. Earnings are budgeted for one adult. The Family Community Resource Center discovers that the 2nd adult is also employed and begins budgeting the 2nd adult's earnings for February.

The 2nd adult received his first paycheck on July 11. The client failed to report the earnings on the August REDE used to budget for the payment months beginning October. An overpayment exists for the payment months of October through January.

Use the actual earnings received by the 2nd adult in the computation. Continue to use the earnings originally budgeted for the first adult. Do not allow any earned income deductions on either of the earnings since the client failed to report the 2nd adult's employment on the earned income report.

Example 2: A client in Mid-Point Reporting reports on her revised manual textREDE form that she is employed. It is anticipated that she will earn $100 a week and that is the amount budgeted against the case. Later it is discovered that the client did not report that she also had a 2nd job or that her spouse who lives in the home was also employed.

When computing the amount of the overpayment, continue to use $100 a week for the client's first job. Use the actual earnings received for the 2nd job and the spouse's job in determining the overpayment. For all the earnings, do not allow the 3/4 deduction.