WAG 21-05-05: Transportation

PM 21-05-05.

Do not enter the $20 Job Search Allowance or $20 Work Activity Allowance in Item 60 under Transportation (see WAG 21-05-06 and WAG 21-05-07).

(Worker) Authorize transportation payments in advance, whenever possible, based on anticipated need. Before authorizing payment for license plate fees, insurance, security deposits for a car pool driver, or car repair, see PM 21-05-02 for specific criteria that must be met.

Authorize automated Mercury transportation payments, when appropriate, by entering the monthly transportation amount in the Work & Training Activities section of Item 60 (not in Item 80).

The amount must be in dollars (no cents). Round up amounts of 50 cents or more. Drop amounts of 49 cents or less.

(System) Issues a Mercury payment to the client at schedule cut-off when an amount is present under Transportation in Item 60.

(Worker) When authorizing a payment, use code 773 in Item 80 of the Mercury Form 552 (or on the C-13) for work and training-related transportation. Use code 786 in Item 80 of the Mercury Form 552 (or on the C-13) for job-related transportation. Enter the 4-digit activity code under PERSONS (see WAG 27-60-12-a). If a client is employed, and no activity code applies, enter activity code 0200 to issue the payment. The following example shows the payment process:

Example: On 01/07, Mrs. A states she will start school 01/14 and finish 05/25. She can ride the bus to and from school. She is scheduled to attend 14 days in January.

The cost of daily transportation for January is less than the cost of a monthly bus pass. Issue a payment for 14 days of bus fare on 01/07 or as soon thereafter as possible, based on Mrs. A's anticipated need for January.

The anticipated daily amount for the months of February through May is greater than the cost of a monthly bus pass. Automate the transportation payment by entering the cost of the monthly pass under transportation in Item 60 effective February. Delete the transportation amount effective June by entering zeros under transportation in Item 60.

Under special circumstances, a payment may be made for transportation costs after a client becomes employed when:

  • the payment is needed for the client to keep their job and
  • the client remains on TANF Cash.

Example: Ms. X receives TANF Cash. Ms. X and Ms. W work at the same company. Ms. X rides with Ms. W each morning to work. Ms. W requires Ms. X to pay for her rides in advance for the month. Ms. W gets fired from her job and leaves town. Ms. X is out of money. She could keep her job if she had money for busfare to cover her transportation expense until she gets her next paycheck. Under these circumstances, the FCRC can issue payment for busfare until she receives her next paycheck.