PM 21-05-02: Expenses with Cash and Time Limits

WAG 21-05-02

revised textTotal payments for expenses with cash and time limits for one client cannot exceed $1,200 for any rolling 12-month period without supervisory approval. Only expenses listed in PM 21-05-02 are included in the $1,200/12-month limit. Some of these expenses also have individual limits. This list is broken down as follows:

Non-Transportation Related Expenses

  • Special clothing such as uniforms or outsized clothing needed in order for the client to meet a dress code for an activity or employment (maximum $600 in 12 months).
  • Required tools not provided by the employer (maximum $600 in 12 months).
  • Items or services purchased to assist the client in meeting Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) child care licensing requirements (maximum $900 in any 12 months). These include but are not limited to:
    • fire extinguisher,
    • smoke alarm,
    • first aid kit,
    • installation of a telephone.
  • Expenses required to help the client to start up a micro enterprise, (e.g., becoming a child care provider or setting up a house-cleaning service), approved as a self-employment activity, that is likely to generate income. Supervisory approval is required.
  • Other required items related to the specific job or activity (maximum $900 in any 12 months). Supervisory approval is required.
  • Relocation expenses needed to help the client move to accept employment elsewhere. Supervisory approval is required. Do not approve payment for relocation expenses unless the client has a verified job. Payment is limited to:
    • the cost of the rental of a do-it-yourself moving van; or
    • one-month's security deposit on a rental agreement.

Payment for out-of-state moves may be considered if there are no suitable jobs available locally. LOA approval is required.

Payment may not be issued to buy firearms or to pay bail bonds or traffic tickets.

Transportation Related Expenses

  • Auto license plate fees.
  • Auto liability insurance at the least costly rate but not over $675 in any 12 months or the cost of 9 months insurance coverage, whichever is less.
  • Security deposit for the driver of a car pool vehicle to transport a group of workers to a work site or a group of clients to an activity site.
  • Repair of an auto (maximum $900 in any 12 months). Supervisory approval is required. Do not approve a request for payment of automobile repairs unless:
    • The client has no other available and suitable form of transportation to and from the job site or the work and training activity.
    • The client is unable to report to the job site or the work and training activity unless the auto is repaired.
    • The client has a valid driver's license and provides proof that they have or can get insurance.
    • The automobile, when repaired, will be suitable for the purpose intended. No other obvious mechanical defect has been observed.
    • The title and license of the automobile is in the name of the client or their spouse who lives in the home.