PM 21-04-03: Domestic/Sexual Violence Services

WAG 21-04-03.

new textFor RSP development see PM 02-09-05-a-2 for a Work-Eligible individual, and PM 02-09-06 for an Exempt individual. If the person is approved for a Family Violence Exclusion, see PM 02-09-06-f.

Who may participate in the activity:

Include this activity when the person is unable to fully participate in Countable activities because of current or past domestic or sexual violence, or stalking.  

What the activity requires:

Activities may include, but are not limited to: 

  • attend individual or group counseling for self and family;
  • attend support group meetings;
  • develop safety plan;
  • obtain and follow up with legal services;
  • verify participation as requested.

It is not necessary to report time spent in activities.