PM 21-04-02: Medical/Family Care Services

WAG 21-04-02.

new textAssign Medical/Family Care Services when a person claims they are unable to participate in work, training or education activities due to their own medical condition, or the medical condition of a family member in the home. 

Who may participate in the activity:

Include this activity when the person:

  • has a pending or approved CAU medical barrier; or
  • receives income based on their own disability; or 
  • has a pending or approved Family Care barrier; or
  • is pregnant and at 6 weeks before due date; or
  • is within 12 weeks after giving birth; or 
  • has a child approved for the Medically Fragile Technology Dependent (MFTD) Waiver.

Note: A parent caring for a child approved for a MFTD waiver is exempt from participating in all Countable and Support activities.  Do not sanction a parent caring for a child approved for a MFTD waiver if they do not follow through with an activity included in the RSP.

What the activity requires:

  1. Schedule and attend medical appointments;
  2. Turn in medical information as requested.