PM 21-04-01: Vocational Rehabilitation Services

WAG 21-04-01.

new textVocational Rehabilitation Services are provided through the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). 

Who may participate in the activity:

Make a referral to DRS and assign this activity when:

  • A physical, mental or developmental disability interferes with working, attending school or completing daily activities.

Unless exempted, or able to show good cause, a person must cooperate with a referral to DRS, and must follow up with DRS activities. See PM 01-02-05.

What the activity requires:

  1. Make/attend initial appointment with rehabilitation provider; 
  2. Cooperate with the evaluation process;
  3. Report to activities on time;
  4. Follow through with recommended activities;
  5. Attend meetings with caseworker and rehabilitation provider as requested.