PM 20-26-00: Alcohol/Drug Abuse Treatment (TANF, AABD)

WAG 20-26-00.

Subacute treatment services for alcoholism and other drug abuse are medically necessary services provided in a setting beside an inpatient hospital. Services must be a reasonable and necessary part of a treatment plan for the care of the client's drug or alcohol abuse.

HFS pays for the following types of services:

  • outpatient treatment;
  • intensive outpatient treatment;
  • residential rehabilitation;
  • subacute detoxification; and
  • psychiatric diagnostic services.

HFS also covers inpatient hospitalization for detoxification (see PM 20-06-00).

Transportation is usually provided by the treatment agency. If a client asks for help with transportation, contact the treatment agency to see if they provide transportation. See PM 20-22-00 if the agency cannot provide transportation.